Can't fight the moonlight

Klar & PF made a version for vinyl that was later released digitally for Rotkraft's Red Wine. It's a sexy car drive through the shores of a warm balearic sea.

If you dig LeAnn Rimes' Can't Fight The Moonlight then you might or might not like this take. But if you're a deep house lover than you'll fall head over heels for it. Natacha does her own version of the original to top West.K's late night groove.

Naxxos has a big remix coming out today, it is for Talisco's Your Wish and it sounds as good as most of the stuff Chris & Max have put out. The arpeggiated chords give this remix a somewhat big-room feeling on the electro side. 

Now this is exquisite. Elektromekanik took on Banquise and it is the perfect track to chill by the pool or the beach this weekend.

Meet Miskeyz, or Thibault, his real name. He's a french producer from Lyon who loves Chill House music and his entry to the stage couldn't be more well timed. Under The Sun is his second track released two weeks ago. In only 16 days it has received almost 50 thousand likes on SC. Here's another lad to watch.

His music comes down to the combination of acoustic instrumentation and electronic synthesizers to create 'the perfect harmony'.

We featured Saul Sweet's excellent remix of Bloodsport some time ago and now he's back with a tropical rendition of Asgier's King & Cross.

The following tracks are a bonus. Btw, Summer Nights has the potential to hit it big in the circuit.