Songs you know in ways you've never heard.

What's that? A Nu Disco take on Biggie? Uh huh! F82 and Marcelo Botelho celebrate Biggie's birthday with this remix of Hypnotize. All DJs: put this in your Summer Throwback set. 

My favorite New Zealand native gets a kickass tropical treatment with a mean bass slap.

Compuphonic celebrates his milestone of having reached 20,000 fans on SC by giving away a staple of his sets, a private remix of his über famous song Sunset -- which is one of my favorite house tracks of the last decade. You will notice that it is simpler yet he does things like duplicating Mark's vocals in some parts so as to make them harmonies of the main line. And the bridge? It's pure bliss.

Meet AGRUME, the monicker of Jeremy Dijoux from France. Here he remixes RHCP's Californication and it goes to sonic depths of joy in this Deep House rendition.

What Simo did to Dani California is something special. He took the original on a drive through the 80's and Kavinski's studio. Chopping the vocals and a driving synth line that will get you moving in one single hit.

This remix of MJ starts as predictable as any remix. It's some Nu Disco with some Tech House to it. And then the 1 minute mark hits and things go to darker places. I won't ruin the surprise.

The start of this one is a very mixable intro loop. And then it dives to warmer waters in clear blue seas and powder-white sand beaches. AGRUME again, doing his thing. And then the surprise at 2:10. Wait for it.