Midweek Fixer

Yaqui.co Favorite Henri Pfr teamed up with Kiso Armic to remix Boyce Avenue's cover of U2's With Or Without You and it's a tropical wave-your-lighter-in-paradise moment. For 4 minutes.

While we're at it, check out the Kygo-esque Kiso remix of Harold Van Lennep's cover of Coldplay's Fix You.

This collaboration between Best Youth & Moullinex screams Discotexas. It's a kicker in the tune of Moullinex.

We're really glad aussie outfit Gold Fields is back with something that sounds like it came out of a French Express catalog IMHO. And that is never bad.

I'm biased. Grum is one of my favorite remixers of the last decade or so and his sound is so consistent you can literally tell from his builds, drops and hi-energy groove by just listening to it. 

Mi Ka has a new song called Depend on me. It's on the the same waves of the beach we visited last time.

We've been supporting Carousel from the beginning. And while they don't need our help that much nowadays to get exposure, we sure are proud to feature this as another consistent production in their style.

The original is a beautiful track and we've featured a remix already not long ago. but this Elektromekanik remix where he teamed up with Les Fleurs Du Mal is so cool for your summer afternoons. 

We're great supporters of Freddy Verano and his works. This time it is one of his best productions as he teams up with Felix Jaehn and Linyin who we first featured on a TEEMID track.