A Long Weekend


Monday is a national holiday, so it's a long weekend here in the island. 

I've been having problems with the RSS feed and Hype Machine and wasn't able to post all the tracks I wanted. Here are some to cope until next time.

We start with a sick sick Nu Disco remix from A.Kraft. It is the starting track of room4space's Pleasure Yacht | Mini Mix and it killed me from the beginning. If I would have to pick THE song to start this summer's playlist/mixtape it would definitely be this one.

So as to not saturate ourselves lets delve into (equally warm) waters with a different color. Knuckle G's remix of Ndidi O's How Long is a perfect splash of fresh water.

From the Hearts on HM I can tell some of you love Hip Hop, here are two really cool finds.

Kina Grannis covered The Neighborhood's original and 18-year-old Julius Abel remixed it. This is the amazing result.

Here's Joakim's new single feat. vocals but The Rapture's Luke Jenner.