A Ruthless Bloom

Today I woke up to find a new J-Art & Madan Tropical remix this time for The Police's Walking On The Moon. It's pretty straightforward and uplifting yet it manages to pick up even more on the second half. There's a new element here and there that we welcome on these types of productions -- keeping it fresh on an old yet timeless tune.

UK newcomer Samuel sent me this remix yesterday and I loved it on first play. I was skeptic, I mean, a Goldroom Embrace remix? Another one?  Yet among the plethora of versions out there, this tropical delight with Kygo-influence on it makes me wanna wear my sunglasses indoors. I hope he turns out more stuff and we hope to find him discovering new sounds within this awesome new genre. 

Here's the latest Bearson remixes Tristan Prettyman's Song For The Rich in his usual tropical fashion. 

Next up are two Glastrophobie remixes we've been listening to lately. This german's knack for turning uplifting deep house remixes of original ballads is something we're digging.

This new Bodhi track struck a chord with me. It is made for the dance floor from start to finish. The bridge might be the only chance you have of catching your breath. DJs: get this free download and put it on your next set. It has the feeling of an Instant Classic track. You know, those new tracks that sound like an old one but also feels like the future and it stays like that through time? The type here at Yaqui.co live for? Well yes, that is this.

Cry Me A River is one of favorite JT songs and this cover by Thief kicks ass. It starts as sad as the original mood-wise and then somehow manages to sound tropical while being broodily dark. Them trumpets man. 

Isaac Delusion only has a couple songs on his Soundcloud and is getting ready for his first EP. On She Pretends they concoct a song that is reminiscent of Black Box Recorder's early albums meets a french indie band from mid-2000's. What's even cooler about this song is how you could easily use it to put your thinking caps on and also for rides on the car, your bike, walks on the beach and other moments in life where the context is the star and you just want a kickass song to soundtrack it.

GingerAle's Daydream feat. Karren sounds like something you've heard before yet you haven't. It's that familiarity that characterizes the melodies on this summer-drenched house jam. This won't be the first time you hear about GingerAle—trust me.

Christoph Meyer's remix of Elénne's Ruthless Boom is some underground deep house funky nu disco track (if all that is possible). It starts slow but picks up rather naturally.