Trend Alert: The Return of the Doo Wop: Nu Wop


From the 1940's to the 1960's Doo Wop dominated sonic favoritism in North America reaching mainstream towards the 50's and 60's. 6 months ago in May I started the draft for this post and it is only today I am actually finishing and posting it. Why? I don't know. I think it was because I had second thoughts about calling out a trend alert for this back then. Today just feels right to do so. 

Allow me to introduce you to the next wave of Doo Wop: Nu Wop. A vocal production made up of organic sounds that come from throats, handclaps, foot stomps and alike. The man behind this is the talented Brian Deady

This selection and this find is quite possibly one of the ones I feel most proud about in 2014. So, please pardon me in the huge selection, I tried to pick only the best but they are all incredible.

Deady is becoming our No 1 favourite act in Ireland
— Nile Rodgers

In this Drake cover he only uses an 808 drum kit and his voice. It was recorded on his 'hood'. It gives the original version the only thing it lacked: heritage.

On this magic cover of Yeezy using only his voice, foot stomps and handclaps. The voice is on other octaves Kanye could never reach.

If you wanted to know what this Nu Wop style sounded like in a more upbeat tune, check out this version of Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines. It was made only with his voice and some kitchen utensils -- domesticated, get it? ;) And the TI part? Pfft, just wait for it... Deady in the house, gettin' real domesticated.

One of Miike Snow's most popular songs is Animal. When I first heard it sounded like nothing I had heard before. I got the same feeling the first time I heard this version.

In this Snoop/Dre rendition he only uses some clicks, a tambourine and some 808 kicks aside from his voice. 

When Drive came out Kavinsky rose to fame with his cult classic. On this cover, Brian uses some effects aside from the usual elements. That chorus.

Foster The People would be proud of this one. Groove to this one and sing out loud.

Mark Morrison gets a makeover. A 90's classic takes a 21st century throwback to the 50's.

This cover of Future IslandsSeasons is a testament that the man knows no boundaries when it comes to applying his talent and he has an appreciation for the contemporary just as much as he does for the classics.

I concur with Brian in that I can't think of another house tune with such lyrical and music depth from that time. It made it unique, still does -- and this cover pays perfect homage to that.

As epic as the original, only fresher. 

Sober and sexy, just like that Suit & Tie.

Most hipsters know this one from Chet Faker's cover. Heck, many people think it's a Faker original. Anyway, Brian Deady give Blackstreet's original from the 90's an amazing rendition.

This is one of my favourite Bowie songs and as an avid Bowie fan, I approve. I think you will too.

The coolness doesn't stop at the fact he did a cover of the 1987 classic by Bruce Hornsby, he threw in a little bit of Tupac

The closer (because I really need to limit myself on the amount of songs someone can handle in a single post) is his Lykke Li cover of I Follow Rivers