Eastern Highlands

Today we start with Pablo Nouvelle's Poison. It's a rich mix of sounds that come from different genres and they are layered with lovely vocals by Tulliae. And the lyrics? Sick: 

“You’re a poison/you’re not a human/you should die today”

AIMES is back with a remix that sounds like Acid Techno Rock from the 80's. The chords came out straight from a Ferrari Testarossa. 

I know everyone's going to post this one but I just can't refrain myself from sharing with you the Allure remix of Pharrell's Number One ft. Yeezy. Funk the fuck out to this one and dance yourself away. Get the free download.

Meet Hip Hop outfit Gentleman's Vibe — if we can call them that. This sounds like the most jazzed-out smoothest-sailing and camouflaged Hip Hop song we've heard this year. Produced by Azel North we believe these guys are slated to hit it big in 2014. For the time being enjoy the free download of their take on Outkast's Roses. I can't believe they are unsigned.

Five days ago we featured a remix by Roter & Lewis. Couple days ago they released their take on Lykke Li's already great No Rest For The Wicked. They go deep and a tad tropical on it. Get the download for free here.

Meet Fouché & Godric's Tokyo. A Nu Disco full of 80's hi-energy pounding synth stabs. Put your mean face on and rock on.

One of our favorite cats, Joris Voorn has remixed the incredibly great Rina Mushonga. The taste, the warmth of the bass, its beautiful progressions, the guitar riffs you can almost touch yourself and the flutes that compliment it. This extended version is almost 10 minutes of pure sonic paradise with its bridge and the fresh air it exudes. We live for musical works like these. On Beatport you can find a shorter more DJ friendly version and a radio edit too.

If Ed Era does bedroom music then his remix of Ben Howard's Keep Your Head up was done in the bedroom of a beach villa in a deserted island with beachfront views of the Caribbean Sea sunrises.

Bebo Serra is trying new waters as a musical producer and we're loving the feeling. Teaming up with IJsbrand on the sax, his remix of Syn Cole's Miami 82 is summer music the type you get from the likes of Kygo -- but wait, when you least expect it the song goes on a deep house groove with the sax that has a lot more personality than its poppy famous counterpart. You can get it as a free download on his Facebook page.

I do not know who Wrongkong is or who CHPLN is but this remix of The People is cool as fuck. Le Mélomane has a knack for sending me stuff that's new and we're sure to love on a first play. This is the type of deep house with some electro vocal groove that is sure to be a hit with both purists and open-minded music-heads out there.

A few hours ago Synapson released a remix far from their usual sound yet one we welcome with open arms. To listen to this song with earphones is to live an experience for the senses. The mixing/mastering on it is so carefully crafted that you can feel all the different elements in the song. Quality shit here. This sounds good on a hotel lobby, as the first song on a mixtape, soundtracking a bottle of wine consumed by two and winding down after work. Totally worth the purchase on Beatport.

It is unusual to find a tech house track that has enough personality to stand out from the bunch and also be liked by those who favor songs outside the genre. This is the case with Dan Caster's remix of Coldplay's Magic. It is far from the the original, in fact, we love it just like that. Now dance. Free download.

Celebrating 10K followers on Soundcloud WKND is doing it by giving TDCC a sunburn with this tropical piña colada of a remix. Scorching hot.