The forgotten ones

These are some wonderfully unlucky tunes that got mixed up in my favorites to post these last few weeks. 

This first one came out ago an hour ago but I just had to include it. SMOKI killed it with a solid production that is quite a departure (in a fresh way) from the original. We will surely watch out for what SMOKI has in store next and so should you.

This is one of the most kickass remixes I have heard in months. MBP teamed up with Greymarz to make an awesome summer remix of Bunji Garlin's Differentology.  Seriously, this remix makes you want to crank the volume and every time the song ends I feel that it is way too short—even at almost 5 minutes long. 

This song is certified as a

'2014 Summer Tune'

Cool Cake's Holy Sun is like a Poolside song with golden teeth. Hit play and you'll understand why.

Another Summer House tune by Henri Pfr and Koloman Vuchs. Sax, congas, maracas and wet handclaps star this tropical paradise movie. Get the free download and add it to your Summer Playlist.

BILLON remixed Katy B's remix of Still by chopping the vocals and steering the original in a quite different direction. The chord progressions sound like they came from the South of France. Like if BILLON spent a vacation at Ludmilla Cassar & Andre Balcan (the couple behind REFLEX). It is in the electro parts that the song really has its differentiating factor. 

It wasn't long ago that we featured a Niklas Thal incredibly original tune and now we have a second one. Traumwelt –like most of his songs– are a journey into space and foreign lands. This one picks you up and drops you from 30,000ft in the air yet the fall feels like you're being filmed at 120 frames per second (slow motion). It is a free download, get it.

Just when you think you've heard every imaginable remix of DP's Something About Us comes Stylish Rodent with its Jamiroquai-channelling guitar licks and a really chilled slow down version. Grab somebody, spoon that person and hit play on this.

Here's Chill Wave tune for y'all. Oedeep released Nina on Yunizon Records and I believe not enough people have heard its coolness. It is a super chill track that could end a mixtape, a set or a long ass day.

Talking about Oedeep, the Montpellier native created the farthest departure from the original that my ears have heard. We could argue back and forth that this —almost— isn't a Miley Cyrus song. Simple piano, some percussion and chopped vocals with a little reverb on it. After a break there's a driving bass line that really stands out. Dude practically removed the song's hook, making it the biggest anti-pop remix you've heard this week.

You know the whole Sax-House movement that's going on for the last year or so? We're noticing a new upcoming trend in Deep House productions that we'll call Flute-House. Here's an example.

"Following the great success of the Nelson Mandela Tribute Song, Löwenherz & Freed did it again. 
This emotional and relaxed track will make you definitely daydream! :)

Tagtraum (engl. daydream; français. rêverie) is a short-term detachment from one's immediate surroundings, during which a person's contact with reality is blurred and partially substituted by a visionary fantasy, especially one of happy, pleasant thoughts, hopes or ambitions, imagined as coming to pass, and experienced while awake."

DJ AA mixed together Syn Cole's Miami 82 with ZHU's Faded and this is the result. Shit's like chocolate and strawberries—made to be together.

Here's the story behind this one: 

"Finally we made it. For this we had the pleasure to work with the amazing singer Molly. She is a young talented singer from Belgium. We hope you gonna feel the vibes. It is perfect for the upcoming summer time. Relax, close your eyes and embark on a walk with us."

We close with some french culture summer vibed tune called Groove You from KPTN. I have no idea who this kid sampled the vocals from but I love it.