Album Review: TOURIST - Patterns EP

I have been listening nonstop to TOURIST's new EP Patterns for the last few weeks. The level of production and taste both in the melodies and the lyrics is nothing short of great. In Patterns, Lianne La Havas has a magical voice and even the use of the harmonies is great. The church-like choir backing up her vocals is energetic and makes you wanna belch the hook. 

The cool thing is there are no patterns in this song. It has different parts to one story well told though music. You can hear this song 10 times back to back and you won't get tired of it because of this. 

There's nothing much to say about the greatness of I Can't Keep Up. There was a moment in my life I could relate so much to this song that it hits me hard. 

Someone never showed me love, won't somebody give a fuck?

is the EP opener and unapologetically simple that you don't have a choice but to delve into it and be intrigued about what's going to come next. A little over 2 minutes pass by before the roof comes down

All you need to know about this track is 4 words: 

We should be together.

We strongly recommend you: either Buy this EP or get it on Spotify on your Favourites.