The Hideaway



I'll start off by saying that the amount of cool music that was released in the last 48 hours is just overwhelming. 

It's understood that Kav Verhouzer is a household name in this blog. This time he teams up with Sophie for Lovenest. The guitar licks direct your attention to Sophie's lovely vocals and there's a stadium audience SFX that sounds weird on my earbuds but sounded really cool in my car for a hands-in-the-air kind of thing.

I love Florrie and I love Figgy. So when I saw this I hit play without hesitation. This is a more chilled out remix on the Figgy side. On the Florrie side, well, it's a heavily chopped track. A+ on this one Figgy.

DWNTWN has one of the most recognizable 80s throwback voices out there. Thunderclaw's remix of the Futurecop! original sound like the soundtrack for a sequel of the movie Drive. 

Is that you Summer-yearning reader I hear wondering where your fix for today is? Fret no more, the Seoul-native Glen Check 'Summer' remix is the shit! How's that for a redux of an original he released 5 months ago?

Bolivard comes from way of France and the much-remixed Miami Horror tune Real Slow gets a french summer remix. Heavy on the guitar riffs and bass slaps you can roller-blade backwards with this.

This Lost Frequencies bootleg of Kiesza's Hideaway is nothing short of hauntingly cool from the start. Get ready to clap you hands and bounce!

Panski says in his SC bio he likes it deep, chill and happy and those three words could not possibly describe this remix any better. 

The Deepend just reworked one of our classic dance favorites by Moby. What's so special about it? They took it down to some kickass metaphysical deep house groove that I haven't heard before. I imagine this is the song modern hippies meditate to.

I'm sure you remember that Mr Probz track that went around the world by way of Mr Schulz Waves. Here's Addal's take on Neenah's cover.