Songs you know in ways you've never heard - Vol. II

I can't promise quantity, but I will guarantee quality. This became a series by popular demand. Here it goes.

Late Nite Tuff Guy fucking killed it. From the moment I hit play my only thought was 'oh fuck'. Like a good old fine wine it takes its time. Perfectly split the vocals from the original track for an instant classic. Again. These types of productions is the reason why I  created this blog. Instant Classics. Over 8 minutes of pure bliss.

Kyrill & Redford have taken on the gutsy move of remixing to a house rhythm Manu Chao's hit classic Me Gustas Tu. I must say, it payed off. Slowing it where its meant to go slow and speeding it up where the musical license permits it these two producers have concocted a tropical jam that will age as gracefully as the original.

These two tracks just made various of my categories: Remixes of the week, Instant Classic Status and Q-tip -- the songs I post so that you can cleanse your ears with high quality music.