Drowning in Banks

I am. I have been drowning in Banks' infectious vocals, lyrics and production right from the start. This morning I woke up to an email from iTunes letting me know that today another single from her album Goddess was available in all my devices. So I'm bringing you one of the best remixes I've heard so far and the original in case you missed it.

If the few releases of La Roux upcoming album Trouble In Paradise are any indicator of the album's quality and success then we're up for a treat on July 7th. Just in time for the summer!

Throwback to No Doubt and that Hella Good tune and we welcome a summer rendition by Mr. Fresch. Put this one in your car and brag about it all you want. 

Four days ago London Grammar posted this remix by The Aston Shuffle of their single Wasting My Young Years with a kickass upbeat groove that doesn't take away from the original yet customizes it for the dance floor. If you listen closely it is quite the departure from the usual Aston Shuffle style. But I'm not complaining. 

Better late than never is Saul Sweet's kickass rendition of Disclosure's instant classic Latch. It takes its time as it descends to warm deep house waters. And it is the mixture of the percussions with the deep pitched vocals where the magic of this remix lies.