Got No Rhythm

The TEEMID remix-of-a-cover train moves to EDM land on this Avicii remake of Hey Brother. This is as far from Avicii that it gets. Tessa Rose Jackson kills it on it. Let's add her to the list of vocalists I have learned of thanks to TEEMID.

Ed Era went full summer nu disco on this submission to a remix contest for Parade of Lights' Golden. And golden is just what it is. Hit play, have fun and dance on. In our books, this is a winner.

There's nothing new here aside from Freddy's Summer Deep House style on Mark Tarmonea's So Berlin—and that is not a bad thing. We're addicted to his sound and we're playing this one continously.

Either Basic Tape read my mind or we have similar tastes. They sent me an email when I had already included this remix in today's post. They also reminded me that this is like the 4th remix of 's Don't Wanna Dance. Well what can I do, they're all great and I'm loving this one. So, BT: j'adore. 

And while we're at it, I'm throwing in a bonus from Basic Tape from almost a month ago that I never got to post. And I'm sure you don't wanna miss this throwback on this #TBT

Here's a quote from Addal on the track. If you ask me, mission accomplished: 

From the first time I've heard the cover by Jasmin Thompson I immediately fell in love with her amazing voice and I felt that would have been perfect to do something really emotional...

Idol by LeMarquis is just sheer gold. The funk, the drop, that bass. Prft, put this in your car and just drive. See what happens and where you end up.

It sucks that Spirit Soul Records only put out previews on Soundcloud and what sucks even more is that just by the things they have released in 2014, I'm putting them up there with French Express as my 2 favorite labels of 2013 & 2014. Mark Lower kills me every time and this one is not the exception. Fucking hook is so catchy, I keep singing it in my head.