PREMIERE: Acoustic Cuts - Show Me Love (Samuel Remix)


It is with the biggest pleasure that I premiere this carefully crafted remix of a classic we all love by our favorite 21-year-old producer from the UK, Samuel. Here's why the backstory is close to our hearts and ears:

A couple weeks ago I shared something on the blog/Soundcloud that caught Samuel's ears. It was this cover of Robin S' cult classic Show Me Love by Acoustic Cuts. He fell in love with the vocals and the guitars so much that he decided to take a jab at it. And this is the result. 

The beauty of this production starts with the ambient subtleties of nature. A homage to the tropics and the tropical house sub-genre that we all have come to love so much. 

What differentiates this tropical house remix from the bunch of others that keep coming out? The song is a journey and when you least expect it, an instrument, a subtlety or a change in the chords surprise your ears and then you just keep 'air piano-ing' the shit out of it. 

If i was asked for 5 tracks that COULD NOT stay out of THE Summer Playlist, not only would this one be one of those but I would start the playlist with it.

Samuel has been putting stuff out there for a year. But it was only around April that he shifted his style to these Nu Disco Tropical House productions and since we've been supporting him. We couldn't be more proud. 

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