Spotlight: Sailors

Meet Alan & Diego, two Mexican Sailors who cruise the warm waters of Tropical House in a shiny new musical boat. If we were to measure by the wind that powers their early work we're in for a journey. 

We had previously featured their remix of Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea's Problem but here's new material.

Here's their remix of Birdy's Not About Angels. It was their intention to do a very chill and relaxed rendition but ended up being a little more upbeat than what they had in mind. Sounds perfectly paced to our ears.

Check out their previous remix for La Roux's Let Me Down Gently. An energetic and uplifting version of the laid-back tropical original. 

And then there's this. Their sun-soaked remix of Journey's Don't Stop Believing. It features seagulls in the background and everything. A must in your Summer of 2014 Playlist.

Go ahead, be the cool kid on the beach this summer while you please both elder and younger crowds as play this one.