When you just can't wait for the long weekend to come.

I know it's only Monday morning. But it's a kind-of short week here in the Caribbean island of the Dominican Republic.

Straight out of the french funky oven of Fred Falke's studio comes his remix of Bastille's Bad Blood. It has the signature FF bassline and funk we all have come to know and expect and it is a nice welcome on a heavily rotated radio track.

Jury's still out on whether Le Youth's new single featuring Javeon is EDM or Indie Dance. Whatever it is, it has progressive house chord progressions yet a deep house vibe that's sure to get you dancing. All you need to know is that it's coming out soon and you can hear it now.

Moby - Sound Remedy - Almost Home - Remix. This is just out as a free download and it is sure going to own the charts in the upcoming days. It's what all the kids are liking these days.

In the true spirit of me not being able to wait until the weekend comes and we hit the beach, here's Weazley's aptly titled track Tropical. Weazley is Anas & Antoine from the french city that sits between Paris and Marseille, Lyon. Tropical is their new EP and it is full of tunes like these. Thanks to Le beat c'est chic for pointing this one out on their Soundcloud.

I can't describe this new Slaptop tune Sunrise. I've been grooving to it since last week yet hadn't had the chance to post it. Another one for your Summer Party Playlist.

This one's months old but I missed it, and maybe you did too, and we shouldn't have. It's Henry Krinkle's exquisite chilled out version of Route 94's My Love. If you don't know who Henry is and have no idea why we've been talking about his stuff since this blog started -- scratch that, since I was a blogger in Et Musique Pour Tous -- then hit play and join the almost half million people that have heard this take.

From Hideaway Kiesza stole my heart from the start. Her voice and that thing she does that she almost breaks it but doesn't really do it -- paired with the sick productions on both of these releases? Prft, only this makes us put her up there with the Highlight Artists of 2014. At this pace she's destined for huge things.

We're closing off this post with a deep deep house remix of Lastraw & JazzyFunk's Darkest Nights by Yaqui.co favorite Mark Lower. Sit back and enjoy this beauty.