Throwbacks, tough loves and bright lights.

But first, here's Solomun's next release in like 3 weeks. A rich deep house tune with a wide amalgam of instruments and influences for those with a kind ear.

Charli Taft really stands out on Blonde's new single. It's a Nu Deep House that's bound to get you both dancing and singing. It also smells like a poolside party soundtrack.

Lost Frequencies stuck a deep one on my heart. I'm a child of the 90's and growing up this was one of my go-to tracks for my gym playlist. Their bootleg is a blatant fight between a lover for deep house and a purist that tries to get away with the original chords in different ways. This is a treat for DJs to play as a surprise in the middle of their sets.

Here's De Hofnar & Dennis Kruissen's Summer version of Milow's cover of the original Ayo Technology. It's got strings, violins, pianos, chirping birds and all the things you can find on your local beach.

I will thank publicly LeMarquis for pointing me in the direction of Signatvre's Windwhisper. What a kickass version of an already cool original. Nu Disco at its best.

I can't get enough of this new Jessie Ware new single. I can't put into words. Maybe you can. Hit play.

I'm not one to feature progressive house tunes and all that shit but this was released yesterday and I needed a picker-upper and it worked wonders. Let me know about how much you love/hate this one on the comments.