PREMIERE: Norman Doray & NERVO ft. Cookie - Something To Believe In (Matoma Summer Remix)


When Matoma sent me a message telling me he had a new remix for me to take a sneak peek at I was ecstatic. 20 seconds after pushing play I had a smile on my face and I knew it was meant to be premiered here. 

In 2012 Norman Doray and Nervo released Something To Believe in featuring the vocals of Cookie.

Just in time for this season, our favorite Summer-anthem producer of 2014 Matoma gives us his sun-soaked version. It's made for the shirtless parties clocking at 128 BPMs and it features killer sax, uplifting piano chords and melodies as sticky as the song's vocal hook.

If the name Matoma doesn't ring a bell, then you haven't been paying attention, because the last  3 tracks we posted went straight to #1 (the three of them) and stayed there for days. 

Here's a message from Matoma with some insights on the song:

I stumbled upon the vocal by accident and wanted to make something different from the original track. The original vocal has so much good vibes about it, but I felt that the original song did not give the vocal justice. Cookie has such an amazing funky/disco voice so I felt some good vibe sax and a nice bassline could lift her voice further. I am also releasing my first official remix 7th. of July and this song is the perfect warm up for it. Hope you enjoy it!