Meant To Be

Yup it's another Jealous remix. And this time it is Hotel Garuda and DJ Sweekuh's chance to take a stab at it. Thanks to YMR for the find, this one made sure my eyelids stayed open on a Monday morning sans enough coffee.

Apparently The Flexican is Dutch and more than 29,000 people know him except me. In this Moombahsoul take on the Stevie Wonder classic they manage to thread in complex waters that sound genuinely organic.

This sounds like the difficult task of usually remixing a classic wan't a challenge for Felix Jaehn & Alex Schulz. In this tropical summer melodic house rendition they come with their usual percussions, their guitar and even their tambourine. Remixing Phil Collins might get touchy, but this is nothing short of groovy.

On Saturday I woke up to a message from GuitK. He had the courage to remix No Diggity & Thrift Shop into one song. I mean, Ed Sheeran AND Passenger? If that doesn't intrigue you enough to hit play, close this window.

A 104 BPM tropical version of Yeezy's Bound 2? Hell yeah! Artiq hits it on the spot with this one when that piano comes in after the 1 minute mark. 

Since we were the first music blog to EVER support Klingande when they came out to the world on January 2013, it's only fair we bring you this remix without much detail. A driving kick pattern and their trademark sexy saxophone's with their melodic piano chords. This is going to own the charts. 

Last but not least is our Spotlight for today: UK's Luxx's Meant To Be ft. Georgia Francis. This vocal summer deep house is both compelling and haunting. I didn't know anything about Luxx but I will keep an eye on them. This is an interesting sound mixture.