Some tracks I've been obsessing over.

Cayo Arenas, Dominican Republic. Photo by: Yaqui Núñez

Cayo Arenas, Dominican Republic. Photo by: Yaqui Núñez

Over the last (Long) weekend I was away in the place where I took the photo above. It's called Cayo Arena (or Sand Cay) in the norther border of my country, the Dominican Republic. A little piece of sand in the middle of the Sea. 

Point is that over this weekend I've been listening nonstop to a small group of songs. In no particular order, here they are.

Macksimus & Sterkøl cooked out a Tropical House version of John Newman's hit and it reeks of the summer. Sax in hand and all. 

Duke Dumont's brand new single is out of this world from the first second you hit play. Wait for this one to rise up on the charts and spread its infectiousness on radio stations all over the world.

I must confess. I've been holding out on this song for months hoping it never went mainstream. And today I heard it on the radio. So now, I must let go. This is a fun reggae-pop-rock concoction of tropical island proportions and it's sticky as fuck. Listen to it once and tell my I'm wrong. In case you don't know MAGIC!...

MAGIC! is a reggae-pop quartet from Toronto, Canada who is winning without hesitation the hearts of listeners. The band itself is not new to the music business for it is made up of members who are well emerged in the music world. The bands lead, Nasri Atweh, is a Grammy award winning songwriter and producer. Following his success in the industry, it is now time for Nasri and his team members to shine, with their new single “Rude.” The coarse yet smooth vocals of Nasri, along with the vibrant reggae inspired instrumentals makes for music that that is spectacular yet simultaneously fun and lighthearted, creating a true musical experience .

And then we have the hugely underrated singer Kyla La Grange from Cut Your Teeth fame. Here's I Don't Hate You. Haunting vocals and a kickass downtempo production by Jakwob.

Last but not least this. All I can say is: "when I'm wit' you, every tin' in this world is much better." You'll understand once you hear it. Hehe.