Alex Schulz ft. Beth - Clarity (Zedd Cover)

I hate the original progressive pop version of this cover. I think it's totally overrated.

Now that I got that out of the way I can tell you about this kickass cover by Alex Schulz and Beth's vocals. There are no drops on this version and that's a good thing — trust me.

Muffled tambourines that turn into hi-hats (or viceversa), swooshes that sweep you up your feet and a bassline that keeps you grounded. 

There's a moment the finger-snaps disappear to give way to some kickass harmonies. 

This version proves us that a rendition where the song never takes off or drops into an 'abyss' is so much more enjoyable and beautiful. 

And the cherry on the cake? The sax towards the end when you least expect it.