Rarities that get you moving

There's a group of songs that I've held off. Some for days others for months as I let them simmer and age in hope of I don't know what. Anyhow, here are some of them. 

First off (and in no particular order) is Deeplomatik's Nu Disco take on Axwell hit I Found U. When I heard this remix for the first time the first thought that came into mind was 'INSTANT CLASSIC'. Sadly, the original was an instant classic which sort of invalidates me naming a remix as such. Oh well. The proof is in the fact that this remix is 11 months old and sounds as if it was done last night.

This Stealpot take on Renaissance Girls is true to the original yet has such a distinct personality in certain parts of the remix. While the vocal track seems to be left intact the synth-work and the piano star this journey that surprises you on its way to the end.

In early 2003 Christine Milton released to little success the original version of Superstar. It wasn't until Jamelia covered it 9 months later and released it that it achieved worldwide success. For the Summer of 2014 Maxxx decided to Deep House-it and see what happens. This is it.

Bring Your Own Panda found this acapella and decided to take a jab at it. Funked out cool-kid's disco in your face. Chill out and groove away with this one. 

A Summer relaxing tune. That's what Colin Parker's take on Pray For Love is. Everything to love about the vibe of this take.

Last but not least is Ganzfeld Effect's Going Deeper tune. Released on Spinnin' Deep (you should really consider checking them out) is a mixture of syncopated vocals, thick house piano stabs, incredible drive and cool production. The vocal chops with the piano stabs is out of this joint!