Things that wouldn't normally be found together

CMBSTN (Combustion)' s C'mon Get Up is an alt pop rock tune that sounds like if The Arcade Fire had, well, fire inside their pants. It is character for the passive generation of lovers out there. It's basically about getting up and doing something thing about it -- which in turn applies to everything in life. 

While this is not the usual sound, I try to think we're purveyors of all things good and today this sounds perfect.

In tune with the most chilled out songs I've heard in a while we have Katuchat's take on Cashmere Cat's Mirror Maru. This song is so smooth that you could use it as a wake-up tune in the morning. At least I would. Pleasant as they come if you ask me. That harp. A meow and a purr my friends.

I've heard a lot of Wicked Games remixes over the last 2 years yet Daniele Di Martino's Deep House take is up there with the best of the best. The melody, the lush vocals over that sustained bassline make this remix a winner.

Pierre & Romain come from Switzerland and call themselves Ruca. They managed to convince Naima to cover Stromae's Alors On Danse and together concoct the most distant remix from the original I have heard. A summer night's chilled out deep tropical house rendition that will sure standout in any mixtape or playlist you place it. I'll bet on that.

There are SO many LDR West Coast remixes out there that I lost count and truthfully can't keep track of--and I'm a music blogger. That said, I decided to only support the most unique and groovy one I could find and XYconstant takes the award hands down. The way he chopped the vocals, those horns man, the pitches (both the uppers and downers) are perfectly balanced and arranged in this take. I don't even know what genre this is and I don't care.

Instructions: hit play, go to the dance floor, one step in front and one step back, repeat with both feet, close your eyes and be transported to a special place: XYconstant land.

Last but not least mon frere Baptiste released a new single ft. KLP following up on his successful singles Galapagos and the latest remix 20 days ago for . As he (and I) have said before, Zimmer might not be the fastest producer but he is one of the most consistent producers out there when it comes to quality and freshness. 

What started in a jam session between Zimmer and his buddy Moon Boots ended up as this beauty.

UPDATE: Just got an in from Zimmer after he read this post. On the note of how much time it takes him to produce certain tracks he mentioned this song's first demo dates back to October 2012!