Reggae, funk, deep house and Nu Pop?

I don't like the original. I never did. All this time I've been subjugated by the power of radio. I think it's overrated. That said, check out this laid back Reggae version in the typical style of Jr Blender. You like what you hear on this one? Maybe you'll like his previous(1) stuff(2) I've written about in one of articles for EtMusiquePourTous.

And here's a free summer remix of a classic by Kungs. There's no need to say more when the title of the track says Bob Marley - Jamming.

It's obvious we like Figgy from all the past posts. And weirdness aside that on this pic Lykke Li looks like Lady Gaga (smh), Figgy took the original down a little slower and uses his percussions to take us on a journey through the islands on a hot summer afternoon.

Swift Minds feat. Kara Square is a special deep house tune with sultry grooves and rich deep grooves. 

Last but not least, we're glad Keljet released this Noosa remix. I think Keljet is at the forefront of Nu Pop. If this isn't radio candy then I don't know what is. I can't stop listening to this. I think they put crack in it.