Artist Discovery: Cold Magnet

Meet Nick, he's the dude behind Cold Magnet. It was only 27 days he was born on Facebook and his eldest track on Soundcloud is only two months old. 

When we heard the good vibe feeling of his Safe And Sound remix that featured some fresh vocal chops that were almost as sticky as the song's hook. That paired with the subtle sounds within won our hearts.

Nick tells me he draws inspiration from listening to the most amount of different music as possible and that when it comes to his productions he prefers piano/rhodes and percussions.

After we heard this tune we heard his previous remix. His take on Ellie Goulding's much remixed I Need Your Love. His new melody is the big take from this remix and what will get you playing it over and over on these summer days. 

You can check out his original stuff on his Soundcloud.