Sorry, I was in Haiti.

Favelas at night as seen from the Royal Oasis Hotel Rooftop in Petion-Ville, Haiti.

Favelas at night as seen from the Royal Oasis Hotel Rooftop in Petion-Ville, Haiti.

I was in Haiti all weekend, with limited access to my computer and the happenings of the musical world. 

First off we have Lane 8's new sticky-as-fuck tune featuring the raspy vocals of Bipolar Sunshine. This is the perfect tropical summer daydream soundtrack. Trust me.

I didn't know Chicago resident Kryptogram and I'm glad I hit play on this track because of the original artist. Here's what I like about this Tropical House version of CC's One More Minute: the tempo, the space that lets you breathe in and the mixture of overly used elements. Kryptogram is into something here and I will be following Igor Loncar's work closely.

Chris Meid is the latest addition from London to the Melodic House train and his entrance is one in a timely paced rhythm like at 30 frames per second. He takes Ed Sheeran's new Bloodstream and adds a sick bassline, a lead guitar that smells of sand and that marimba that sounds like it took a trip to Japan or something.

I support almost every single KRONO song that's released. Somehow I didn't support Redlight. It didn't kill me but it's not like I didn't like it. Pretty Pink just gave me another reason to support it — she put her signature sound on the original and this is the result: Deep House coolness.

Lost Frequencies decided to do a Trip-Hop throwback to Moby's classic In This World. This song never gets old and with this rendition, I think it goes back in time to win our hearts over and over again.

Can U Tell Me is the freshest single from Japanese river side east Tokyo native Boys Get Hurt. Somehow I missed him on my radar and this tropical slow-cooker is just what I needed the other day. I hope you find good use for it too.

Rotkraft's remix of Paradisko's Chewing Gum has to be the best song to have been missed by most music blogs since it came out 11 days ago. Rokraft turns the original into a mellow yet dancey tropical tune.

A+ from

Ed Sheeran released this below-the-radar chart topper of a couple years ago and everyone plus one decided to cover it. From Mike Posner to One Direction everyone took a jab at this one. It just so happens that Milo Hafliger decided to do a Summer Chill version of the original. 

Here's to experiments that only happen during summer time.

And fuck it. That's it. I'm refraining myself from including in this post hot songs that are charting these days. Only the best of what you haven't heard before on this make up post. ;)