Midweek Quickie with MØ, Zimmer, Steph Seroussi and Kaytranada

My friend Baptiste (Zimmer) is a producer that takes his time on every production -- be it an original or a remix. He said so himself, it takes him weeks and months on end. But when he releases something it is everything we expect. The sheer quality of every single release is consistent and evidence of his talent. This Deep House dance-floor gem is destined for the charts, your ears and feet.

This refund —as Steph calls it— is a plain old unpretentious feel good funk and we're loving it. Geyster's Jane takes a turn to the happier times of life. 

And then there's this Kaytranada track I hadn't heard before called No One But You ft. Krystale. I'll leave you to be the judge of it and not ruin it for ya'.