Making up for my absence

it has been 5 days since we last read each other. A weekend in between and lots of work are to blame for said absence. 

In this make up post I have opted to pick out the 6 freshest and best things that are sitting in my inbox for the last 5 days. The other stuff will come on a next post.

We'll start off with the Hot Sand remix of's That Power. I hate the original song and loved this one on the first listen—which by the way was in a voice note Luis Villeta (our playlist curator) sent me. I must thank him for this find. It is as tropical, chill, fresh and deserving of a place on your Summer Playlist as a track can be.

At last, Hernan Dos Santos (aka D.S.F) is back. This time with the much remixed Chromeo single in a quite peculiar way. We're huge fans of D.S.F since he started putting out stuff on Soundcloud. If you listen to this remix from start to finish you'll understand why. Also feel free to click here to check out all the stuff from him that you missed.

Not only did he have the guts to strip the funk out of the track to the vocals and a guitar riff but he pulled it off.

Bit Catchy took a pretty famous Indie Pop tune and took it back to the 80s with this energetic Nu Disco remix. The Xylophone chords here take it to Summer 2014 land. Another for the playlist.

And now for a much deserved chilled out Nu Disco sea water on your feet kinda moment, we turn our ears to Le Croquant & Antis' remix of Flight Facilities deep rendition of Crave You. That bass. There's also a melodious treat around the 1:30 mark.

Quite possibly we were the first blog out there to feature Samuel's Tropical style like a month or two ago. So it is only fair we included this remix that has been sitting on our inbox for a couple days now for Gabrielle Aplin's Mountains. Sam is on a roll and he just keeps surprising us.

WKND traveled to our summer dreams and constructed with sonic elements all the beautiful visuals we lived last night. And the moments, and of course—the days of happiness.