World Debut: A.E.M

This is the world debut of A.E.M into the music scene and he's doing it with a teaser for a little known band called Manotett. The remix is a light into his forthcoming EP, which, if this is any measure of what's to come -- we can't wait.

Manotett is a duo from Stockholm which has not gotten the exposure they deserve and today they released an official remix package for this single which you can listen to on Spotify here. I asked Hampus and Ola (the Manotett guys) their thoughts on this A.E.M remix and this is what they had to say:

We really dig the vocal cut-up in the remix, and the accentuated straight-up beat brings out a nice groove to the song. Looking forward to hear more from A.E.M.!

Sadly, about A.E.M I have nothing to share with you. The artist is young, he has other names out there but he wants nothing but his music to be spotlighted for the moment. I respect that.

About the song, here's what it feels like. Like something you could swear you've heard before yet you haven't. It feels that familiar. A.E.M chops the vocals into catchy beats that might sound out of a Pop Song. There's a Deep House / Nu Disco feel to it and a hands-in-the-air good-time vibe. The chops don't inhibit the original song's vocals to shine and they come to the forefront around the 2 minute mark. The synth work is pristine but it is the remix's unpretentiousness that stole my ears and my heart. 

It's one of those songs that you love from the first listen -- at least that's what happened to me. How did it go for you?

Get the free download on Soundcloud and don't forget to follow the artist.