Seasick Mama - With A Broken Heart

Seasick Mama goes out of her comfort zone on this new single and we're glad she did so. While she usually veers towards more loud & strict sonic statements she goes all sweet & sensitive on this one. With A Broken Heart is her introduction to electronic music.

The song was written a year ago, a time from which her sound has changed up until now. When I asked her how the song came about, she told me an interesting back story:

Well, it's interesting. I was "seeing" this guy who was already in a very unhappy relationship. I told him that I would give myself 100% to him but ONLY if he got rid of his baggage. He said, "but what if you leave me after? I will have a broken heart". This guy was a total pussy. Too scared to take ANY RISKS. 

This single is proof that Marial Maher is the total opposite of that dude and she's not scared of taking such welcome risks as this one. 

What's next for Seasick Mama? She's spending the Fall writing a new album with Miles Felix. Then they're going to find a producer to take it to the next level. On which direction is she headed you ask after hearing this single? The Old School Disco way! So, as she says: "Get ready to dance!"