PREMIERE: Hold On Be Strong Vs. Big Poppa (Matoma Remix) #NuDiscHop

World Premiere

Here's Matoma's words on how the track came about:

A lot of you guys have asked me to make another hip-hop track with some Nu Disco influence. It feels so good to work with some Biggie vocals once again after the incredible success with "Old Thing Back"! I wanted to do something slightly different this time. So I added 2pac's vocals from "Hold on Be Strong" and the track became magic! Even though the two legendary rappers had their beefs back in the day, I hope they are both sipping' Hennessey and chilling out to this track in the afterlife! R.I.P. This is for you!"


Imagine you arrive at the dock with your 10 best friends from back when you were young. Bathing suits on, you take your shoes off to board the 66ft Pershing (yacht). The engines start and soon after this song starts playing on the speakers thoughout that yacht as you all cruise the marina to go full speed island hopping to a small key that's only 20 minutes away. The volume goes up and so does the hands of everyone on board as they sing to Biggie's lyrics. 

Dreaming of tropical adventures is best done when they are soundtracked by Matoma. Close your eyes and hit play -- this one's about to start. 

The song's free, you can get it with a Like on Matoma's Facebook page.