Friday Blender: #NuDiscPop, #SummerBass and other things you need to hear

KRONO is one of the most underrated and unsupported producers out there right now. Here's his great edit of Cassie's Me & U. It has a more toned down infusion of the KRONO sound yet still carries its character.

We discovered Sonny Alven and introduced him to the world here. Back then in June the world loved his remix of Nico & Vinz and somehow I forgot to include this beautiful summer track of Sivert Höyem's Into The Sea. I mean, it has seagulls in it and everything.

Naxsy is back with a Nu DiscPop remix of Muttonheads' Stronger Than Ever. Warning: this is catchy as fuck.

Mattanoll's Indie Pop version of Jealous is one of the most different rendition's we've heard. While it stays true to the original vocal track, the arrangement and elements is quite something. There's even an interesting bridge there.

Mixing things up a bit here's a Bound 2 remix with quite an interesting sound. They're dubbing it Summer Bass, and while it's the first time we hear it put that way, we're liking it. What do you think of it?

I have no idea how this sweet release by Ron Flatter passed right through me and I didn't notice it before. Stotch is one of those interesting concoctions of summer experiments that just sound right. With a commanding beat and tropical rhythms it's bound to win your heart.