Remix Of The Week: Clean Bandit - Come Over (Melé Quadrant Remix)

When I first heard this remix it stopped me in my tracks. I was so overwhelmed with joy and energy that I couldn't explain to myself how it was making me feel. I felt a HUGE urge to write about this remix and tell the world about it. 

The best ways to describe this tune is like most people on Soundcloud commented on it, with onomatopoeias: "whooooaaa, whoooo! Shieeet! Summer!"

The most interesting this is that there's nothing out there on Melé Quadrant. Not on Soundcloud, Google, nothing. Heck, even Annie Mac featured the track and misspelled their/his/her name.

What do we like the most about the remix? Everything! The xylophone, the drums, the horns, the brass, the tropical vibe, the 90's hip hop groove, the sheer perfection of the vocal chops, the percussion and the drum attacks... heck, we even love the seagulls in the background.