Cyril Hahn - Slow ft. Rochelle Jordan

Back in June 2012 the world didn't know who Cyril Hahn was. Back then I wrote a piece on his Destiny's Child - Say My Name remix which broke out his talent to fame. In that EMPT article he even gave me some insight into the production as we corresponded a lot via email back then. 

In those days he was so mysterious that I couldn't even feature a real picture of his on my article. Here's what he said on my request for a picture (since no one knew him back then): 

He says he’s sorry that he doesn’t have any pictures of himself but that he wants people to focus on his music and not on himself.

All that has changed, Cyril is now a household name and his face is plastered everywhere. So is his music. He now has over a quarter of a million followers on Soundcloud and he's got a new EP called Voices coming out soon. While his sound has evolved we are still grooving to his work. 

Here's Slow feat. Rochelle Jordan.