Songs I have been shamelessly sitting on.

Apologies for sitting on them, they are now yours. 

Tontario's take on Butterfly is a made-for-the-summer deep house tune featuring the sax riffs of KidSax

She sang this and uploaded it, I heard it countless times and fell so deep into it that I forgot what I was doing. Such is the power of Daniela Andrade's voice. It's bold to take on a Sam Smith tune. It's gold when it sounds like this.

Rejoice on these bouncy chords and gliding basses as parisian Florian Bery reworks the late Aaliyah's vocals into a tropical jam.

I don't know why it took me so long to post this track. It's sticky like a pop song yet indie at heart. It's a bit of both worlds for all of you out there.

SÄX is one of those artists we've supported from the beginning and we're actually pretty much alone on this feat. He is one of the first precursors of the Sax House sub genre that picked up starting late 2012 and taking 2013 by storm. This sub genre gave a lot of the energy most Tropical House jams of today possess. Hopefully more blogs will take notice of SÄX's talents.

Delve into calmer waters with this WESLA remix of LdR's Sad Girl. Chill to this tune while you caress the inner thighs of beautiful femmes all over the world.

We've been avid fans of parisians Cajoline since I was a writer at Et Musique Pour Tous and at last they're back with a remix -- this time for an 'oldie' by current internet standards. Yet it sounds as fresh as the gold sleek of a recently acquired tan.

A couple days ago A.E.M released a new remix so far away from the first one that it showcases to great lengths his/her diversity as a producer. This is for those who like their stuff tropical with a chance of chilled and a twist of melancholy.