Disclosure - Latch (The Melker Project Remix)


Scott Melker does mashups, but to call them by that would be kind of an insult. Here's proof.

Since he put it in the best words possible, I'll leave him give you the reasons why you need to listen to this song and get the free download NOW:


"Latch" is arguably the best song to make it to the pop charts in a number of years. That's because it's not really a pop song. It's an incredible house track that takes me back to the Body N' Soul days in NYC.

When I listen to the song and Sam Smith's voice, I can't help but hear the track cut in half and turned into a moodier slow jam... so I created just that. This is an acoustic version anchored by melodic pianos, with low key cymbals, strings and bass added in for extra flavor. I hope you like it - this is definitely one of my favorite pieces that I have created.

Happy Saturday y'all. Go out and enjoy life, preferably with this one in your iPod.