Ultracool remixes of Ultraviolence

Here are the two coolest remixes (for our taste) of Lana Del Rey's single Ultraviolence.

First off is Prins Thomas' Diskomiks Remix. Whatever that means, this rendition reeks of sunshine. It includes a bassline born in the land of Samba but with a Jamaican funk soul, 2nd generation congas stolen from Cuba and a tambourine that fell off a wagon while crossing the border between Haiti and Dominican Republic. The best part about it? It clocks at over 7 minutes, giving us the exact amount of sonic fix for this kickass remix.

Who thought that we'd hear an upbeat version of an LdR song that wasn't EDM or Progressive House for that matter? The Penelopes' take on Ultraviolence sees a departure from the original in the tempo and beat. An 80's dance culture meets 21st century Nu Disco place LdR's vocals on a sonic buffer of joy and energy that is bound to get replayed a million times.