Newborns: Good songs that came to this world only hours ago. #NuDeepsco

These songs are the shit. The world just doesn't know it yet.

This is a new series called Newborns dedicated to those great fresh out-of-the-oven tracks.

This Outrun remix is gold. I know it's Seinabo Sey's Hard Time but this is true 80's nu disco. It's like Back To The Future type-of-shit.

Another throwback in this list and it's Belanger's turn to crank out an electro house remix of a classic.

Falcon Punch & PIXELATED have done a great job at sampling Nina Simone in this rendition. We think you'll enjoy it. They dub this Balearic Funk and it couldn't be more on point. The greatness of this remix is its timelessness. Trust me, play it in 10 years and you'll see. 

Pete Bellis remixed Naya Kouti's cover of Snap!'s Rhythm Is A Dancer. It's like Nu Deepsco. yeah, it's exactly that. I'm coining it.

SNBRN is on a streak nowadays. This time he teamed up with KLATCH to remix 90's classic All That She Wants into a one-word-less version under a deep and sexy groove. Like the sun, gold.

Moe Turk made a nu disco dub of Axwell & Ingrosso's Together and it sounds like this:

Last but not least we have Macksimus' version of a Daft Punk classic. I never thought I'd hear DP with congas and shit. Here's to opening our ears to new things.