My personal favourites from the last few days

Here are my personal favourite tunes of the last few days. Some hold a special place in my heart and others in my feet. But all 5 of them are songs I haven't stopped playing for like a week now. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

First up is Samuel's throwback of Brandy's emotional original into a tropical house tune. If you love or hate the original, you might really dig this track. The first one is quite sentimental and sad -- if you see the video you'll understand what I mean. This is a happy version of it.

I have heard a fair share of When The Beat Drops Out remix. Without no hesitation I can say this is the most unique one of all. On originality alone, Matoma takes the prize. No wonder they released this one as an official remix. To see Matoma include new elements, surprising melodies and fresh collateral instruments is a welcome surprise that only proves his creativity is flowing and his future is even brighter than we thought. Good going buddy, über proud.

Fatboy Slim in a tropical version. Hmm, lets stop for a second. Ok now hit play. Don't worry, I know you're hesitating, but don't. I have a post that profiles Mitchell Southam so I won't talk much about him here. As for Mokoa, they truly outdid themselves with this one. I think it carries over the timelessness of the original.

The interwebs is full of premixes of Goldroom's latest tune. A.E.M's version is my favourite and here's why. From the guitar licks over the crackling noise in the beginning to the harmonies above you know this is a great track from the start. The marimba and steel drum melodies are as sticky as they come without sounding like radio sugar. Far from it, when the drop arrives you're grooving sideways in your chair and bumpin' your head nodding. Whoever he is, A.E.M is on a roll.

We close up this hand-picked selection of tunes with DIEZEO's remix of Toto's 80's classic Africa. It's his first remix and perhaps that explains why I concur it's missing a little bass. But if that doesn't bother you then you will certainly enjoy this one. It's a crowd pleaser for the guys my age and for the younger ones riding on the tropical house bus.