On The Ting Tings' Wrong Club and the situation of 'grooviness' in modern music

Hector Mendoza Jr. is one of the most refreshingly deep and emotional writers of my generation. He's a tastemaker like few out there and an inspiration to many of us in the music blogging world. He's the owner/founder of Et Musique Pour Tous, home of arguably the best life-meets-music reviews on the web and one of the most influential music blogs in the world. 

Point is that, in his review of this song, he analyzed the state of groove and vibe in modern music. From the responsibility of Daft Punk in this wave to the current example of The Ting Tings. Since I couldn't agree more with him and I can't possibly find better words for it, please click here for further details.  

This song is amazing from start to finish. It's a pity I just heard it this week because last week I was in Edinburg, in an underground club which is supposedly really posh and my thoughts were: "hey, I'm in the wrong club, listening to this shit." If only I knew there was a song that could have soundtracked that moment to perfection. Now I know, and you do too.

I’m in the wrong club, listening to this shit.