Song Of The Week: VÉRITÉ - Weekend (Free Download)

You know how when you meet and kiss* a woman that smells great for the first time and you are left with her smell lingering for the rest of the day? It's like you forget about it and at any given moment the smell comes back and it reminds you of her.

Well, that's exactly what happened to me with this song. The scent of its first impression lasted. And unlike the example above, this one has endured days of showers, tough exercise routines and many other women —now figuratively speaking for songs, btw— that have passed by since.

A month ago when Strange Enough came out I shared it on Soundcloud but downloaded and kept it for myself—shame on me. Here's me making up for that one.

Get Weekend for free here.

*Perhaps in USA and other parts of the world its is unlikely but in Latin American cultures, people are quite affectionate and it is not strange to meet someone of the opposite sex for the first time and get a mutual kiss on the cheek & hug. It is by no means a sexual innuendo.