Songs you know in ways you've never heard - Vol. IV

Madilyn Bailey covered Macklemore. And then Romsen remixed Madilyn. And then a a kickass deep house rendition came about. The deepness and the melodies will stay for days in your head.

Matt DiMona hits a home-run with this throwback to my teenage years. Took the cult classic Glamourous to tropical new heights. This remix steals people's clothes left and right -- you've been warned.

If after listening to this song with earbuds on you tilt your head to the side and slap your skull with the other hand, sand will probably come out of your ears. It's that tropical.

Slaptop is not one to release a lot of music in shorts amounts of time. But when he does, he does a number let me tell you. Where everyone that has remixed Maps (or most) has gone by the road of leaving the vocals intact and running a new melody track behind, this guy chopped, sampled, pitch-bent and added a couple more subtleties to his version. 

Letting go of the strings that come with the power-house name of the original band and going away with your imagination and creativity solidify you and your talent in this industry of 'more-of -the-same'. Here's to people that keep daring and questioning the status quo dear Slaptop.  We celebrate you.

Travel to other times and other places that were much better. This trip is sponsored by Knuckle G and his pristine remix of Marvin Gaye's classic I Heard It Through The Grapevine. The original didn't need Knuckle G, and Knuckle G didn't need Marvin Gaye. Yet they found each other to make our ears and hearts sing and dance with joy.

I have a love-hate with this Jonas Vincent remix of Ed Sheeran. But I think it's because I sometimes don't want to mentally admit the open minded-ness approach to it. And the way he sampled some parts? Prft. Gold.

Purists will puke and open minded ears will rejoice at this tropical take at Teenage Crime. The summer's coming to an end in most parts of the world. Here in the Caribbean it is eternal. Cheers to that with this song.