Saturday Soreness

I could use a pick-me-up after the 71 minutes and 39 seconds of a workout I did today at my CrossFit box. It killed me. Coincidentally one of my WOD partners is Omar Andino (one half of LASH—previously Andino & Kelvin). It is a melodic take meets big room progressive that highlights the children's vocals in certain parts. In other parts it's just a big ass party tune.

Then there is Siente's I Remember. Soothing without letting you fall asleep. Nu Disco that takes a turn towards a more laid-back road. It is the sort of song that feels soothing to the ears and the guitar licks always keep things interesting.

Couple days ago Eau Claire sent me this remix and I missed her email until last night. When I heard it I can't say I was wowed because I wouldn't expect anything less from her. It is her creative openness to such a Stevie Wonder classic that I admire in this rendition. The groove is turned yet constant, the chopped vocals are done in just the right amount and the piano is just sexy funky. 

Every once in a while I get a remix of a very popular song that completely flips it yet sounds solid. This usually doesn't happen. Please allow me to introduce you to Kevin Kapaj, a 21 year old from Vlora, Albania. This Deep House tune might become a favourite of kick-ass suave and trend-setting DJs around the world. I cannot stop playing this remix.