Things in the contemporary music box

If the previous singles released in advance of her debut album wasn't enough, then perhaps you should hit play on this new song. Her Hideaway EP is like a Greatest Hits compilation and it appears to be the album is headed on the same direction. While this single veers a little less pop and into more electro grounds it doesn't make it any less catchy.

Kiesza's vocals are like sugar -- no one wants to admit it but it is a drug and we couldn't be more addicted to it.

Simply put, this is Jakob's best work to date. From the new subtleties within the layers of the track, to the perfect match of his style to the original's vocals -- this is a match made in heaven. We have witnessed Bearson's evolution from his first release and we can tell you he's not stuck like most other players in his sub-genre. 

While every other popular blog out there has hopped on the Tropical-whatever bandwagon, we've been at it since before the sub-genre had a name and we're glad to feature this new forward-thinking remix by Bearson.

Arthur Younger's rendition of the heavily remixed ZHU track Faded glides through the warm waters in a floating life-saver device with one hand in the water and the other sipping a piña colada with the shades on as the sun sets.

I can't get Options out of my head. It strays so far from what is being heard on the radio that hearing it acts like organically grown sonic Q-tips for our polluted ears. Simple, emotive, catchy and finger-snapping-good. What else can one ask for?!

Gorgon City cannot do wrong, I am sure of this. Can't wait for early october to preorder their album Sirens. There's a fine line between making catchy/pop tunes fused with personality-infused basslines and garage influences and Gorgon City walk this line with eyes closed with a drink in one hand and pumping the fist in the other one. With effortless prowess they keep putting out quality tracks that perhaps due to its innovative sound only get better with every listen. Katy Menditta is on point on this one.

Kate Miller is 19, from the UK and has 4 songs on Soundcloud. That's about all I know about her and all I care is that I can re-play Collar Up and Fortify over and over again for as many times as I want.

What's that you say? You thought everyone had left Get Free alone and far from the remix realm? Wrong. Illo took it down a notch into what he's calling TrapWave, ChillTrap or whatever. While this doesn't sound like any of those words, I just want to listen to it and forget about what it actually is or where it falls musically speaking. 

We end this episode with J. Tropic's Solid Gold. One of only two tracks on her Soundcloud. The only thing I know about her is that her music is as beautiful as the artwork and that this smells like the next ZHU. I don't know why but this doesn't sound like the work of a newbie. We'll have to wait and see who's behind this.