We're halfway there now

Joy Corrigan by Sir Neave.

Joy Corrigan by Sir Neave.

If you have heard the term 'instant classic' and didn't actually get it, this song ought to do the job. If you were to hear it on the radio with no introduction you would most certainly know it is Chris Malinchak on the production and MNEK on the vocals. It has not a single second of waste. Actually, I think it is way too short.

We've supported Freddy for a long time now and this is just gold with Sam Smith and all. What a sticky track. You'll hear this on the radio over and over again over the next weeks.

I was late to this throwback by Sava&Razz on Oasis classic. Enjoy.

You have surely heard the original. Florian takes it down to Deep House waters with some spatial sounds that elicit sunsets in the Balearic Sea.

Surprisingly no other blog listen on Hype Machine has supported Cold Magnet's work but us. And that's ok, that's why we exist. His take on Sleepless is unlike any other you've heard out there. And god knows you've heard plenty.

In the Summer of '13 my love story with ColeCo began. This time, they bring back that tropical sound with a remix of Hannah Trigwell's cover of Sam Smith's Stay With Me.

Meet Shoby, a German newcomer to the scene. His deep house remix of Strong doesn't reinvent the realm of music but he doesn't have to. It's like he manages to make 'happy' a song that is meant to swim in the mellowest, darkest waters.

Had never heard Jack and Michael before. They sent me this on a Facebook message that I saw today after weeks or more without checking my messages. I don't know why but I have this feeling this track is going to be huge on the blogosphere. Let's wait and see.

I'm glad they sent this in.