PREMIERE: Local Natives - Black Balloons (A.E.M Remix)

I'm going to make a confession. A.E.M is an alias of one of my talents. I can't express the pride I feel for him and his work. With every song it evolves. So much sentiment and organic-ness goes into his productions that I'm out of words to describe what he's doing. 

This remix will evoque many influences and feelings. And since I'm officially biased, I'll leave you with his thoughts on this remix:

I came across this style by creating musically-rich breakdowns by combining different layers of melody, focusing the build up on a melody that elevates you rather than FX and white noises and a drop that captivate you with a strong bass and mellow melodies. I try to differentiate myself as much as I can from other artists, but maintaining that tropical/indie vibe. I hope you enjoy!