Gucci Mane - Pillz (Dr. Fresch Remix)

I could've sworn that had featured Dr. Fresch before, but I'm doing my searching now and nothing's coming up. Personally, I think Dr. Fresch has some of the freshest sounds in house music right now...he'd have to, right? You can't call yourself Dr. Fresch without being incredibly fresh.

His forward-thinking house music brand hits us again with another ‘Future Ghetto’ remix of a 2000s Hip-Hop jam. This time Dr. Fresch tackles Gucci Mane’s “Pillz” which you can hear below. And if you missed his take on Big Boi's "Kryptonite" which is support by Big Boi himself, check that further down.

“I’ve wanted to remix Gucci Mane since the beginning of my production career. Over the course of Fall 2014, through maturing my brand and style, and constantly matching Hip-Hop acapellas with the sounds I was creating, I stumbled across this track, threw it on a bassline I had developed, and the concept just clicked. This remix has been killing it for me in the club - I’m so excited to drop this for my fans!” - Dr. Fresch