TKDJS - Sellout

The TKDJS dudes sent me this one last week and I think you guys are going to dig it, especially any of you who are feeling that G-House sickness that seems to be infecting everyone lately. I seem to be noticing a trend with G-House though, where guys just take a Hip-Hop sample and pitch the vocals and fit them on what's really just a cool House track. For me personally, I'm with it if it works and really makes you dance. But hopefully we see some artists really take the G-House seriously and progress the sound. As a Long Beach (CA) kid, we've been on that G-House sound, and I'll tell you right now that it's supposed to be some funky ass ghetto shit.

ANYWAY -- rock this one below.

I'm excited to hear more from TKDJS and the rest of the artists taking this sound somewhere.