Meet TropiKult Ent.

Social media is such a wonderful thing when you actually use it to meet and connect with cool people. I met the founder of TropiKult Ent. just a couple nights ago, and I'm so glad I did because this small Florida based label that focuses on Deep & Tropical House has a serious amount of talent...

Got a couple things to share from TropiKult here... The first is from an artist that goes by the name of Deep Chills. It's his newest original called "Waikiki", a chill melodic/deep house track, with a characteristic sax line and dreamy guitar harmonics and pads. Listen.

The second track we've got to share is from Bobby Brush. He did a super uplifting tropical house remix of Knee Deep by Zac Brown Band featuring Jimmy Buffett. It was most recently supported by Sam Feldt in his mix he did for Get The Sound. Check it out below! Hope you guys enjoy the TropiKult vibes. :)