This will probably be the last thing I share today...fortunately, it's amazing and I'll be leaving you guys on a real high.

Steeped in dark, thematic aesthetics, MONARCH plays indie-driven pop, coated with indulgent, sentimental vocals and a shiny synth veneer. Represented by their love of film noir, their songs have a vintage feel of the 80s and 90s but are modernized with a pure adrenaline rush. This playbill features a cast of skilled friends consisting of bass guitarist Brent Kutzle (OneRupublic), keyboardist, Brian Willet (OneRepublic), drummer Joel Plotnik (A Fine Frenzy), and fronted by vocalist Brennan Strawn. 

MONARCH's new "Stay" single is the first release of their 4-piece forthcoming debut EP 'Apollo', slated for a spring 2015 release. "Stay" combines jaw-dropping majesty and sonic invention, showcasing the band's inimitable vision and talent fully and without cliché. And this is merely the beginning – expect a stacked remix package for "Stay", featuring Norway's Bearson and Canada's Kill Them With Colour, the official announcement of the Apollo EP,  and the revealing of the band's live dates next month in Los Angeles.